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Few vehicles are more versatile than a pickup truck, especially when drivers are able to take advantage of add-on accessories. Many of the most popular accessories used by businesses and individual drivers alike are designed to increase a pickup’s carrying capacity while providing additional protection to materials and equipment. Truck toppers, truck caps and tonneaus can all make a big difference for your driving experience. However, to get the best results, it is essential that you choose the right accessory for your needs.

Truck Toppers

Also sometimes referred to as fiberglass truck bodies, truck toppers are undoubtedly the most versatile truck accessory on the market. These spacious storage areas come fully loaded with diverse shelving options, even allowing for options such as generator storage, sliding drawers, or a ladder rack. Some models provide over 70 inches of head space, allowing you to walk inside the pickup bed area to access needed tools and equipment.

The [...]

One of the greatest advantages of using a fiberglass truck body is that these vehicle add-ons often come with a pre-installed ladder rack. But what if your vehicles don’t already have truck ladder racks? While installing your own ladder rack can be somewhat tricky, there are a few tips that will ensure you get a great result. Here’s what you need to consider when installing a truck ladder rack on your own.

1. Positioning

Positioning a ladder rack can be a tricky proposition. While a roof-mounted rack could be difficult to reach and cause you to strain your back, a side-mounted rack could actually increase your risk of causing a traffic accident.

How do you balance these conflicting issues? When selecting a truck ladder rack, be sure to choose a model with an adjustable handle system. This allows you to load the ladder on the side of your vehicle, then turn a handle to securely [...]

When it comes to transporting equipment and materials for HVAC, plumbing or electrical work, many contractors use a standard box van to get their supplies from worksite to worksite. But in many cases, a basic box van doesn’t help contractors make the most of their available space — and all too often, a lack of key interior features will also put fragile materials at risk of damage during transportation.

Because of this, many of the most successful contractors prefer to use an enlarged box van. These vehicles don’t merely provide more available space to begin with — they also take advantage of additional customizable features that allow their drivers to make better use of that space than ever before.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most common tools used to optimize storage space in an enlarged box van.

Hanging Storage

It doesn’t do to have your materials in an unorganized pile of boxes [...]

When it comes to getting tools and equipment out of the back of your truck, the right setup and functionality on your truck body can make the work much easier — or more difficult. To improve accessibility, many truck bodies use rear doors or other speciality options to ensure that everyone from plumbers and electricians to medical and military professionals have the right infrastructure in place.

Here’s a closer look at some of the different rear door options that you could use for your truck body.

Standard Rear Doors

Standard rear doors are great for shorter truck bodies where overhead space is at a premium. Because these doors swing outward when they open, you don’t have to worry about limiting how high you can stack interior items like you would with a more traditional roll-up door.

Hinged on the side of the vehicle, A 180-degree range of motion allows these doors to open wide, [...]

Whether you use your truck for electrical work, plumbing, or even fiber optics splicing, keeping your tools and equipment organized is an absolute must. Unfortunately, many drivers find that a sliding floor causes equipment to get mixed up, damaged, or even destroyed. In some cases, this can even cause damage to the truck itself. This sometimes occurs in the truck’s cabin, where shifting floor mats can be a minor inconvenience, but it is especially problematic when the truck bed itself is unable to hold valuable (or fragile) items in place.

So what can you do to prevent a sliding floor in your truck? Thankfully, there are many materials and solutions available to alleviate this common problem. The following options are even more effective when used with a truck body, which attaches seamlessly to your pickup truck for improved industrial transportation solutions.

Bed Mats

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that bed mats are [...]

When you think of military vehicles, you’re more likely to think of Jeeps and tanks than a service pickup truck. But the simple truth of the matter is that even military operations require the assistance of plumbing and HVAC services, field-testing equipment, and more. Of course, the rough conditions that are frequently encountered during such operations require that military truck accessories be built with an added level of durability and versatility. Because of this, truck bodies designed for military use must undergo rigorous testing to ensure they have what it takes to deal with harsh environments. This makes a durable, aerodynamic design an absolute must — but to get the most out of these vehicles, the right accessory features are also needed.

However, the Army and National Guard aren’t the only ones who need tough, versatile vehicles to meet their needs while on the go. In reality, contractors in a wide range of industries can [...]

Whether you work in construction or as an electrical technician, a ladder is one of the most important pieces of equipment you own. Of course, transporting this bulky item from one work site to another is often easier said than done. Most ladders aren’t going to fit inside a truck bed, and attaching a ladder to the side or roof of a truck body can be tricky. Because of this, investing in a quality ladder rack lock is absolutely essential for your equipment transportation needs.But what factors are most important when selecting a ladder rack lock? There are a few things that can improve both the security of your ladder as well as the usability of this device. Ease of Use

One of the first thing to consider is how you’ll get the ladder to the roof of your truck body. Storing the ladder on the side of your vehicle could very easily contribute to [...]

A utility truck body can make a big difference for your operations. These versatile vehicle components have become a popular choice in many industries thanks to their durability and their ability to be easily attached or removed to a standard pickup truck. Utility truck bodies have helped service providers in plumbing and electrical work — and even in military and medical applications — achieve better results and get their equipment safely to any job.

Of course, individuals who are looking to save a bit of money when purchasing this useful add-on for their vehicle are sometimes more inclined to buy a used utility truck body. While buying used can certainly help you save money, it’s also important that you conduct a full inspection so you can have confidence that you’re truly getting your money’s worth.

Here are a few factors you should consider when buying a used utility truck body.

Interior Setup

While buying [...]

More likely than not, your service truck frequently operates under tough conditions. Whether you travel on unpaved roads to reach construction sites or transport plumbing and electrical equipment, keeping your service truck body in good condition is essential for protecting valuable machinery and maintaining a professional appearance.So how can you ensure that your service truck body will continue to look great for years to come? Following a few essential maintenance tips can make all the difference in extending the lifespan of your vehicle.

1. Regular Washing and Waxing

Believe it or not, allowing dirt, insects, and other debris to build up on your vehicle can ultimately cause a wide range of problems. Over time, dirt can weaken the vehicle finish, wearing it down and making it more prone to black streaks, fading, and other visible wear and tear. More corrosive materials like bird droppings and tree sap can be even more harmful to the fiberglass [...]

Making the most of your truck space is important no matter what cargo you are carrying. Some industries such as farming and agri-business require special cargo carrying needs. In order to ensure that these needs are met utilizing the best service truck bodies is necessary.The following provides guidance on how to choose the best service truck bodies for farming and agri-business usage. Material Types

It is important to consider the type of material that is used for truck bodies. Truck bodies are made from different types of material, and the material composition will impact the quality, weight and the way in which the truck body is utilized.  Thus, it is important to choose the materials for a truck body with much consideration. Some material choices include:

Aluminum– Aluminum service truck bodies provide the fortitude and endurance that comes with metal materials. They can be used to contain various types of cargo from produce to livestock [...]

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